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Who is Andy?

Andy the Alien is the trademark of the Mars Youth Lacrosse Association after being created in 2008 by an advertising agency artist named, Andy!  He developed this character based on the Mars “outer space” theme and the “warriors” of the game of lacrosse.  Some high school students took several renditions of his work to Mars Area Elementary third and fourth grade students for what was a unanimous vote.  The character was unveiled at the very first practice for Mars Youth Lacrosse where Andy the Alien became our fierce and friendly mascot!

What is Andy's Assist?

The founders of Mars Youth Lacrosse had a vision to bring lacrosse to our community and give every child an opportunity to learn to play the sport!  Andy’s Assist was established to promote the great game of lacrosse, regardless of any socio-economic background.  We recognize that lacrosse can be an expensive sport and our goal is to ensure any child in the Mars area has an opportunity to play.  Through generous donations, we can offer some financial assistance to those families who are unable to afford the registration fee associated with lacrosse.

What is the application process?

All requests will be considered and kept in strict confidence with the Andy's Assist Committee only.

Please follow these steps to apply:

         1.  Register your son on the Mars Youth Lacrosse website.

         2.  Click here to be directed to the Andy's Assist Application and complete the application.

We will return a decision to you as quickly as possible.